Reviews and Endorsements

"It's a barrel of fun with actor Gregory Gorton doing a lively interpretation of Chip Harrison's narrative voice... he puts a bright bounce into his reading, making this a highly entertaining listening experience." From Audiofile Magazine, S.E.S on "No Score" written by Lawrence Block, narrated by Gregory Gorton

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"Greg Gorton does great character work, always comes prepared and is a pleasure to work with. He made a terrific Penguin in GraphicAudio's production of Batman: No Man's Land." Rick Rohan
Creative Director
"Gregory Gorton handles the novel's characters well: the villains (many), the good guys (few), and Nameless's wife and newly adopted daughter. Gorton's narration is particularly effective in the descriptions of the means streets. All told, a well delivered adventure, by writer and reader." From Audiofile Magazine, T.H. on "Bleeders" written by Bill Pronzini, narrated by Gregory Gorton
"Greg Gorton is passionate about his work and it shows. An actor dedicated to making each project the best." Melissa Leebaert
"Greg Gorton is a fine narrator with a light, comic flair. He worked on a series of mystery novels for me and captured their playfulness well. He handles the movement from dialogue to exposition expertly, the mark of a seasoned audiobook pro. I endorse his work as a narrator." John Mcelroy
Audiobook producer, director, scriptwriter and President at Eljin Productions, Inc
"Greg is an excellent narrator, a pleasure to work with, and an all around nice guy... and he's a 60s/70s fiend -- who could ask for more?!" Doug Powell
Immediate Past President
Old Dominion Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired
"Reader Gregory Gorton's voice glows with the surprise and fascination of Orno's first trip east to the big city. It is innocent and youthful, smiling at the Midwesterners discovery of New York, grieving for his loss of down-home simplicity and perplexed by the clash of cultures he has maneuver through. Ultimately he leaves the reader refreshed at Orno's ability to do it all and come through whole." From Audiofile Magazine, P.E.E. on "For Kings and Planets" written by Ethan Canin, narrated by Gregory Gorton
"Greg is a talented and consummate performer and extremely creative. I endorse him for the audio book, narration and voice-over categories. He did the five book 'The Great Merlini' series for Audible, Inc. Did ten books for Audible frontiers, everything from sports to medicine and philosophy to fantasy fiction. One of the leads in 'People of the River' and in 'People of the Sea', two books he did for GraphicAudio, and was also 'The Penguin' in Graphic's production of the BATMAN series, 'No Man's Land'. About 600 audio books narrated and won a couple of awards." David Chack